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Arachova - The Winter Mykonos!
trips 11/11/2016

Arachova - The Winter Mykonos!

Arachova - The Winter Mykonos!

  • Only 2 hours from Athens City Centre From Athens to Arachova the distance is 160 km.

  • The most cosmopolitan winter destination in Greece
    Aráchova is a mountainous village nestling picturesquely at the foot of Mt. Parnassós in Viotia, Southern Greece.It is the most cosmopolitan winter destination in Greece, a great favourite for passionate ski lovers and celebrities, or just first-time visitors who wish to relax in a dreamy mountainous setting with modern tourism facilities.
  • The biggest downhill ski resort in Greece
    Get involved in outdoor activities such as hiking or ski down the slopes of Mt. Parnassós at the biggest downhill ski resort in Greece. The mountain’s high altitude offers ski lovers long-lasting snow cover at the peaks.
  • Famous for its vivid nightlife
    Arachova, the most popular winter destination of Greece, is famous for its vivid nightlife. Frequented by many young people, especially in Christmas Break and in the winter weekends, Arachova has many bars and clubs that play dance music and stay open till the early hours. Many other bars keep a more lounge profile but also stay open till late!
  • Famous local products
    The region of Arachova is well-known for its textiles, woodwork, dry wines and the local cheese, called "formaela".It also produces a sweet smelling hard rind cheese of with a relatively mild flavour that you should definitely taste!
    Complete your meal with traditional “spoon - sweets”, or even better, try yogurt with honey, a dessert served compliments of the house. Before you leave Aráhova, pick up some hand-made beautifully coloured woven carpets (flocati rugs) and textiles to take with you as a going-away present.
  • Traditional Crafts Lessons
    The art of weaving and brocade developed very early on in Arachova. Indeed, most of the women of the village made a living out of it. Today, the art has not disappeared in the village and in fact, visitors to the winter destination can learn how to weave up close. In the grounds of the Arachova Folklore Museum, through lessons in weaving and brocade, you can make parts of traditional women and men's costumes following the steps demonstrated by the experienced teachers.
  • Horse riding
    Discover the beauties of Parnassos on horseback! Grab the opportunity to practice your favorite sport freely in the meadows and surrounding areas. Those of you who do not know but want to learn the secrets of horse riding, all you have to do is take lessons offered by the qualified and experienced professionals in a specially designed area.
  • Extreme
    You can choose from mountain biking and trekking to paintball, laser tag, flying fox, fly jumper and rent quad bikes (ATV 4X4). It is as wild as it gets!
  • Cozy Restaurants
    You can enjoy a warm and cozy environment at the cozy restaurants with their fireplaces and the warm environment. Mostly open from the morning serving rich hearty breakfasts (omelettes, croissants, homemade cakes, freshly squeezed juices) along with hot coffee. At lunch time and night they are operating as restaurant serving delicious plates.
  • Delphi
    Known as the "Navel of the Earth", Delphi (12 km from the center of Arachova) was the site where during antiquity it operated the most famous and most important oracle in the Greek World. Homer was the first to refer to the city, under the name of Pitho. The oracle flourished between the 6th and 4th centuries BC when the oracles expressed themselves in the form of tales from Pithia and were taken to the priests serving in the Temple of Apollon. The reputation of the sanctuary reached as far as the ends of the world, resulting in the arrival of powerful rulers. Mere mortals wished to consult the god. Today, Delphi's reputation continues to attract great numbers of tourists and visitors who choose this particular destination either as a base or for a day trip from the neighboring Arachova, whose landmark is the archaeological site and museum. The main spine of the town is the central Pavlou and Friderikis Street. Along here are pretty taverns serving homemade food and modern cafes which combine tradition with modern features, and comfortable hotels.
  • Lakka Square
    The central square of the village. This is the place you where will spend a lot of time, from morning till night. Lakka Square, paved and full of cafe-bars, is the meeting point for both locals and/or visitors. You will find it as you head down the main street from the entrance to the village and you will adore the "warm embrace" it wraps around anyone who comes near. On sunny days, the tables outside the cafes are full of people and voices, and when the temperature is low everyone gathers in the well-established establishments all around it.
  • Shopping in Arachova Main Street
    You walk up and down it. You will not even know how many times. This is where your walk starts, after the entrance to the village and past the Bridge and the Clock, you will start to be enthralled by the sights and smells of the main street in Arachova. Sights, because this is where the biggest window displays are. From shops with household items, which will make you dream of a sweet little house in the mountain or give you ideas on how to adopt the style in your city home, and clothing boutiques that will have you wanting to cut up your credit cards to shops with local products that will make you rank the local gastronomy your favorite. Smells, because sometimes the best taverns and restaurants are here. You will be lured in to try them and once inside, you will not want to leave. You can have your drinks and coffee here, buy whatever you need (there are pharmacies, kiosks etc here), relax walking etc. Enjoy it!
  • Spa Treatment
    Your journey into the world of rejuvenation and relaxation begins in the spa at the entrance to Arachova and Delphi. Chromotherapy shower, hydromassage and sauna, hamam with essential oils and fibers to the sounds of soft relaxing music. You can enjoy a relaxing massage by qualified professionals, as well as facials and other treatments. There is also an indoor heated pool. The spa has a number of packages including aromatherapy, muscle relaxant head massage, body massage using a combination of techniques and essential oils, massage with honey, massage and mask with raspberry, thyme, juniper, clover etc extracts.