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Three Day October 28 : Opportunity for escape in Greece or abroad !
trips 13/09/2016

Three Day October 28 : Opportunity for escape in Greece or abroad !

Three Day October 28 : Opportunity for escape in Greece or abroad!

The weekend of October 28 is approaching and yet you have decided that you want , especially if you can because of the financial go somewhere .

Of course you can go ! So this is the TravelPlan here . We have the best proposals with the most popular destinations at the best prices.

Wants interior ; Want abroad ; The best is here . Ready to choose the best destination for you ;

Let's start from the inside with two very favorite destinations :


Approximately 2 hours from Athens, built on a side of Parnassus with an average altitude of 960 meters and only 10 minutes from Delphi. If you are fond of mountain flora and then read the correct destination.
And if you thought that the only thing you can do at Delphi is to go skiing you're wrong. You can visit "The Clock", which is a true gem. Built in the early 18th century as the steeple of the Metropolitan Church of the Presentation of Mary. Other a devastating earthquake in 1870 and later in 1944 that blew the Germans collapsed. But in 1966, the abbot of the Monastery of St. Luke, Nektarios Kamvasinos undertook the reconstruction.
The rock which dominates called cheese and serve as a natural fridge for storing cheese. Finally the rock did the Ntelalis announcements in the village.
It is also worth to visit the Memorial of Georgios Karaiskakis, which is over 300 stones to remind the heads of dead Turks requested. All national holidays with parades and wreath deposits made on this point.
Of course you should not miss the opportunity to visit the Delphi, since you are only 10 minutes away. Delphi functioned most important oracle of the ancient world.

Look for staying here.



Nafplio is at most 2 hours from Athens. A destination for all seasons. Nafplion you can rest , relax and be calm . How is therefore not to choose for your 3 days?
Let's take it from the beginning. Once you arrive you can drink a coffee overlooking Bourtzi and the sea, unless you prefer to tell your coffee at Syntagma Square. I would recommend you the sea. Series has a walk in Palamidi and after a good meal. Your food choices are many and delicious and omissions not to eat ice cream making a walk in the beautiful alleys. Nightlife vary depending on what you want. You can drink a quiet drink and loose and have fun until the morning.

For accommodation you can see here.


And let's finish with the outside of the two most popular destinations:

It is worth visiting one of the best and most popular destinations in Europe, the Czech capital, Prague. What sets it apart from other destinations is the medieval architecture and the many attractions that one can enjoy.
You can start your walk from the New Town (Nové Město) and see Wenceslas Square, where there have the option for a coffee, lunch or even for a drink. Do not miss the opportunity to visit the National Museum of Prague, Alfons Mucha museum and finally the City Hall of Prague.
Also, you should definitely visit the Prague Old Town (Staré Město). There you will see Astronomical Clock (Orloj), worth a climb to the top of the old town hall and see the view from above. Do not forget to go and St. Nicholas church, if your little time left over.
As mentioned attractions are many, so you have to put your program Prague Castle, which is to go you must first cross the Charles Bridge to go through the river Vltava. Also, the Royal Palace, the Strahov Monastery, the Cathedral of St. Vitus.

And when we said to the sights, let's look and stay here.


London is one of the most beautiful and glamorous cities in Europe and in the world . There are many who prefer to do some of their trips there and to do something they know . So should you think about it and you? You can start your tour of the classy South Kensington to admire the Natural History , Science , Victoria and Albert . No need to mention that you visit the official residence of the royal family , Buckingham Palace and Westminster in the Parliament Square . Also , some of the sights you should not miss is Madame Tussaud's, the British Museum , Covent Garden , Oxford - Cotswold's - Stratford -upon- Avon .

Take a look here.


Whatever you choose to do your 3-day wish to pass just perfectly.